Nido d'infanzia a Genova Nervi


Hakuna Matata is a Swahili phrase widely used in African regions and means “There are no problems.”
It can be compared to many other similar expressions spread in other areas of the world, such as: “Don’t worry!” or “No problem!”


The nursery-school Hakuna Matata is situated in Genova Nervi, a neighborhood located between beautiful hills and the sea.

Its position has access to places of rare beauty such as the Anita Garibaldi promenade and the nearby parks.

The vacation atmosphere of the area which once used to host many tourists during the summer allows ample possibility of spending time outdoors from March to October.

Teaching methods

Teaching activities aim at social and emotional development and at enhancing understanding and mobility abilities in order to help children learn independence, socialization, communication and learning skills while supporting their natural aptitudes and providing stimulus and occasions of experience. 
The primary teaching activity that helps children in their development is playing which allows him/her to explore, discover and socialize in a spontaneous and easy way.
The nursery-school Hakuna Matata can host:
  • 14 children from 12 to 24 months in the first section
  • 10 children from 24 to 36 months.
The request of admission can be presented all year round.


The nursery-school is an educational and social service of public interest which supports families in raising their children while respecting the unique qualities of each child and family.
Its aims are education, socialization and care of children set on assuring their psychophysical well-being and the development of knowledge, relationships and emotional faculties.
It supports families by taking care of their children and helping them to choose suitable learning facilities in constant link with other scholastic organizations and in particular with infant schools and the social, health and cultural institutions present on the territory.
It aims at overcoming the obstacles that may hinder cultural integration of children coming from different parts of the world and at supporting both scholastically and socially every kind of disability.

Educational staff

In addition to the teachers mentioned above the staff includes a fourth educator specialized in language teaching for children (bilingual activities), a music teacher who follows the Gordon method (once a week) and the coordinator who is present during the hours of greater activity or outdoor activities. 
Hence, the high number of staff members available in relation to the number of children assures a more accurate service.
A pediatrician and his assistant visit the school every 15 days and can be easily contacted when necessary.

Spatial disposition

Our building which has been entirely renovated consists of 200 square meters of rooms characterized by a welcoming, colorful and highly stimulating atmosphere and a large garden. 

Our facility is perfect for exploration and sharing but also suitable for relaxing and resting.
Spaces have been renewed with modern materials, nontoxic elements and specifically certified to guarantee children’s safety.

The nursery-school Hakuna Matata has an agreement with the Municipality of Genova

access to the discounted places is established directly by the Municipality on the bases of the criteria described on the admission form.

Children’s introduction into the group

During the period of introduction into the group which may vary between 1 or 2 weeks according to the child’s and family’s needs, the timetable of the first 3 days is 9-11 am and requires the presence of a parent or a relative during this time span.
Progressively, on the bases of the child’s needs and his/her capability of interacting with the environment the parent will have the possibility of leaving for an hour or two. The educators will contact the parent if it is necessary to return earlier or if they can stay away longer. When the child appears sufficiently calm and in accordance with the parent’s opinion, the child will be allowed to stay for the meal the following week and, afterwards, during the whole time span requested.

Calendar and Nursery-school Timetable

The nursery-school is open from Monday to Friday, 11 months a year.

It is possible to extend the service to the month of August in case the request is advanced for at least 12 children.

School is closed during national festivities, on the day of the town’s Holy Patron and during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The nursery-school is generally open from 8 am to 5.30 pm except for particular requests which we will try to satisfy if possible.
Part-time attendance is possible within the following timetable:

  • horizontal part-time: 8 am-1 pm or 12-5.30 pm
  • vertical part-time: three days a week on family’s choice, 8 am-4 pm.

Possible variations can be arranged with the person in charge.

Interacting with the family

The educators and the nursery-school coordinator are reference points not only for the child but also for the family.

This is the principle on which relations with parents are based both during everyday moments of arrival and departure and during scheduled common activities (general meetings and personal interviews).

The family is considered an active subject that participates in school life throughout the numerous occasions of exchange and interaction which are foreseen in the educational program.


Nutrition play a fundamental role in children’s health and is a frequent subject of anxiety for parents when they are obliged to delegate to others this important aspect.
In our nursery-school meals are prepared by a quality certified catering service located nearby and which delivers fresh meals every day.
The children’s meals are prepared according to the indications given by company’s own pediatrician and dietician.
Upon request, parents can visit the kitchen and verify how meals are prepared and the provenance of their ingredients; the menus and the quantities of each ingredient are checked by a specific department of the Genoese ASL 3 which approved their composition and can be viewed by parents.